Frequent questions

Frequently asked questions

Are there any registration periods for the Academy?

No, you can register at any time of the year.
So do not hesitate to do it as soon as possible!

How can I register at the Academy?

You need to get in touch with the Academy and through an evaluation of the Technical Department we will decide the best program for your needs. We know it sounds a bit tedious, but we promise you that it is not, so get in touch with us from today.

Does registering cost?

Yes. It depends on the training program you would like to enter, we also have a small annual membership fee and you can consider yourself as: Federated and member of the Best Tennis Academy in Panama.

What benefits do I have as a member of the AB Academy?

Te permite ser alumno de la Academia y sus respectivos cursos, igualmente te permitimos disfrutar de eventos promocionales que surgen a lo largo del año desde tu inscripción. Ademas, con un costo adicional, puedes realizar reservaciones por uso privado de las canchas de arcilla de la Federación Panamela de Tenis. a traves de la fpt reservas canchas x uso privado.

If it rains, will the classes continue to be taught?

Las canchas de arcilla no permiten su uso mientras llueve. Pero los programas de la Academia, permiten un sinnúmero de actividades complementarias, dentro del Complejo Deportivo Fred Maduro, mientras esperamos que el mal tiempo acabe. Así que no dudes en ser parte de esto.

If I can not attend a class reservation, can I cancel it?

Yes. We are for that.
Just remember that we must cancel it within 24 hours before the set time. A small detail to avoid any inconvenience between us.
The group participation programs, so far have no possibility of cancellation, unless there is a prior agreement, we continue working on it.

When can I pay for classes and group courses?

You just have to make sure that the payment is made. At least 1 minute before entering the court.
We think it is a fair alternative for both.